White BOPP Plastic Label (Permanent)

White BOPP Plastic is our most commonly-used label material, and for good reason! White BOPP Plastic Labels offers important benefits that reflect well on your brand and make for a positive customer experience. 

What Is It?

BOPP, or Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene, is a type of versatile, strong, polymer label material that functions as an adhesive plastic film. Because of its beautiful appearance, its resistance to high and low temperatures, and its durability, white BOPP plastic is one of the top choices for a wide variety of product labels. 


White BOPP Plastic Labels offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Durability: For products with labels that are frequently removed and replaced, like coffee bags, durability is particularly important. White BOPP plastic labels provide the strength needed for items that see high use, from food labels to pet products. 
  • Temperature immune: If your product will see very high or low temperatures, it’s important to choose a label material that can withstand a wide range of temperatures. From frozen foods to candles, white BOPP plastic labels are a wise choice for countless product types. 
  • Stain resistant: Keeping your label free of stains and discoloration is a high priority. Maintaining the legibility and the crisp appearance of your label helps you educate your customers and spread brand awareness. Many producers opt for white BOPP plastic labels due to their stain resistance. 
  • Acid and solvent resistant: No matter what types of liquids your product may come in contact with, maintaining the integrity of your label is crucial. Because white BOPP plastic is waterproof and resists the effects of acids and solvents, it’s a safe choice for even the most harsh environments and daily uses. 
  • Crisp images: One of the top priorities when you choose a label material, regardless of your product, is the appearance! You need your label to convey that you are a high-quality brand with reliable products. Crisp images can help communicate that message, and white BOPP plastic labels reflect high-quality, crisp images. 

Best Uses

White BOPP is versatile and durable, making it a top choice as a label material for many product types. A few best uses for white BOPP labels include:

  • Food: White BOPP plastic is an ideal material choice for food products thanks to its glossy finish and its overall durability. 
  • Bath and body products: Because bath and body products are often used in environments with high moisture and fluctuating temperatures, white BOPP plastic is a smart choice that ensures the label will hold up day after day. 
  • Beer: If you’re producing your own beer product, you know that beer bottles often see large amounts of condensation. White BOPP plastic holds up well against this moisture and stays in place to show off your branding!
  • Cleaning products: Many label types, like paper, are likely to disintegrate if they come in contact with cleaning products. White BOPP plastic is durable enough to resist acids and solvents, so your consumers can still see all pertinent product information even if the product drips onto the label during use!
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