Custom Product Labels

Food Product Labels

Recommended Materials

White BOPP Plastic
White BOPP Plastic
Most popular due to it's durability and water resistance
Ultra-Clear BOPP Plastic (Clear PET Liner)
Clear BOPP Plastic
Great for showcasing your product in a glass or clear container

Market Trends

  • A unique affordable alternative to packaging

Common Food Labels

  • Sauces, jams, granolas, oils, cookies, candies, chocolate, dry mixes, and more!

Special Considerations

Food labels are an important aspect of the food industry as they provide consumers with essential information about the products they purchase. These labels are made up of various materials, each with their own unique properties and advantages.

One common material used in food labels is paper. Paper labels are cost-effective and easily recyclable, making them a popular choice for many food manufacturers. They are also versatile and can be printed on using various methods.

Another popular material used in food labels is plastic. Plastic labels, also known as film labels, are durable and resistant to water, oil and are tear resistant, making them ideal for use on products that may be exposed to moisture. They also provide a high-quality print surface and are suitable for use with barcode and other types of data.

Another material that is being used in food labels is the BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) material. This material is a kind of plastic film that is very strong, durable, and resistant to moisture, heat and cold. It also has a glossy surface that is perfect for high-quality printing, making it an ideal choice for use in food labels.

In conclusion, food labels are an essential part of the food industry, and their materials play an important role in their effectiveness. From paper to plastic, BOPP, each material has its own unique properties and advantages. When choosing a material for your food labels, it’s important to consider the needs of your product and your target audience, as well as environmental and cost factors.

In recent years we’ve witnessed an explosion in gourmet, ethnic, and specialty food products. Whether seen on grocery store shelves or a community farmers’ market, custom product labels from Sprink make your product instantly recognisable by your target consumers. Our leading-edge digital presses produce photo quality images, allowing you to showcase your products in their finest glory with food label printing of exceptional quality.

Food product labels involve unique challenges as each label must appear as fresh as the brand and product it portrays. Your product may live in demanding environments – variable temperature, high humidity or refrigeration for example – for months or even years. In such conditions the product label can’t spoil, unfurl, or show wear and tear before the food inside the package does.

Sprink prints commercial grade product labels – not cheap stickers that wither the first time your customer opens the container. Our custom food labels are printed using the latest digital techniques, using high-quality materials for longer-lasting results.

Your product label is the customer’s first impression of your brand, so make it count. Contact us today for any questions or concerns. We are happy to help!

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