How Should I Prepare My Files?

The best place to learn more about how to set up your art files is to visit our Artwork Specs page. On that page, we have helpful tips and an artwork checklist to make the process easy. We’ve also put together a quick and helpful downloadable design guide for a smoother pre-press process. You can download this on that page as well.


How Do I Get Started With Custom Product Labels?

The easiest way to get started is to use our cutting-edge Custom Label Quoter. It has been designed to make the label quoting process simple, dynamic, and fast so that you can get the information you need right at your fingertips.

What Size And Shape Should My Product Labels Be?

We get asked this a lot – which is unfortunate because there’s no right answer. Product label size and shape depends on the type of product you’re packaging, what regulations need to be taken into account, how much information you wish to include, and what images you want to display on the product label. Products on the supermarket shelf using the exact same containers often have very different label shape and sizes, so it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as a “standard size”.

I Need A Custom-Shaped Label - Can You Help Me?

Absolutely! Just choose “special shape” from our online quoter, and send us your artwork. Unlike most label printers, we have a high-tech laser machine that can cut almost any shape on almost any material (with a couple of minor exceptions). Saving you both time and money.


*NOTE: in order for our laser equipment to correctly cut your custom shape, your artwork files need to include a vector die-line showing precisely where the laser beam is required to cut the shape. Your graphic designer should know how to create a vector die-line, without which we can’t produce the required result.

Can I Get Free Product Label Samples?

Of course! Complete our sample request form here and we’ll mail you a free selection of product label sample materials.

What Is Sprink's Standard Turnaround Time?

Our normal production time is 2 business days from the time we receive your digital proof approval.

Do You Sell Machines That Apply Product Labels?

No, we don’t. If you’re looking for an entry-level machine for applying labels to your products, there are a couple of well-regarded companies that our customers have reported good experiences with. Contact us for more details.


What Is The Minimum Quantity Of Custom Product Labels I Can Order?

In order to minimise waste, we require the minimum quantity for each Version to be at least 100 labels. In addition, the quantity for each version must also be a multiple of 50 labels (e.g. 100, 150, 200, 250 or similar).

On A Multi-Version Custom Label Order, Can I Have Different Quantities Per Version?

Certainly! Our Customer Service team will reach out to you if they have any questions or concerns with the quantities in your order.

What Does "Unwind Direction" Mean When Ordering Product Labels?

Unwind direction is simply the way in which a label unwinds from a roll. This is most easily explained by looking at the unwind diagram below. If you have further questions, we are happy to help you.

The orientation of the letter “A” represents which side of the label is coming off the roll first.


Can I Request A Specific Number Of Custom Product Labels On Each Roll?

Yes, you will need to discuss your needs with our Customer Service team so we can make sure we understand the underlying reasons and recommend the best approach.

Do You Offer A "Rush Order" Option To Get My Labels Produced More Quickly?

We do not offer a rush order option.

Can I Get My Labels Alternating Down The Roll?

We can certainly make these special arrangements happen in production, but we need specific instructions from the customer during the ordering phase to make sure we understand what’s required. The order will likely need manual adjustment once it’s received by us.

Please add a note in the Optional Order Notes field on the Checkout page to indicate what you’re needing (e.g. “Front/Back Alternating please”) or you may end up receiving the two versions on individual rolls. Please understand that “sets” represent only a very small proportion of the orders we produce. Please reach out to our Customer Service team for guidance.



What Are The Advantages Of Digital Label Printing?

  • Speed of Service. Traditional label companies can take anywhere from a week to many weeks to produce a label job, whereas digital companies can typically turn a job much more quickly. At Sprink, our normal production time is 2 working days from the time we receive your approval to proceed.
  • Quality. Constant improvements in the digital process have resulted in photo-like quality with unlimited colours, whereas traditional presses mostly rely on a single-plate-per-colour model, adding extra cost for each additional colour. Most customers are pleasantly surprised when they see the beautiful results achieved from a digital press, and the absence of plates makes changes to the design a very simple and inexpensive option.
  • Flexible Quantities. With digital technology, it’s as simple as telling the press how many labels are needed. If you need more in a month, we just repeat the process and tell the press how many you want this time. Given that the press needs minimal setup each time, you can print anywhere from very low quantities to very large quantities – there’s no need to predict your needs months in advance.
  • Versioning. This is a term that refers to the ability of digital label presses to print “similar but not identical” label designs simultaneously – something that’s impractical in traditional presses due to the underlying reliance on “plates”. On a digital press, we can print numerous variations of the same size at the same time – so you can combine multiple product needs in a single run. The colours and designs can be completely different too, so long as the labels are the same size and on the same material. Versioning also means you can be much more creative in your product offerings.
  • Variable Content. With digital presses, it’s actually possible to have slightly different content on EACH individual label printed. A very common example is serial numbering (where each label has a different number). Variable content opens up a whole new world of product possibilities. If this capability is of interest to you, please contact us so we can guide you in the right direction.
  • Press Proofs. Digital printing offers the ability to print your proofs on the actual production press without all the setup associated with traditional printing presses. If you’re particularly concerned about colours or quality before you go into production, we can make press proofs available at an extra charge.
  • Prototyping. Have you ever considered trying out various label designs on your own customers, or maybe a focus group? Sure, you can hand them pretty designs on normal paper from a desktop printer, but how much more “real” would it be to show them finished products in multiple different ways? With our digital presses, you can gang as many designs as you like together, and only print a small number of each quite cheaply – something completely unachievable on traditional presses.

Can You Guarantee Colour Consistency Between Orders Of My Labels?

We use only the very latest digital presses and we calibrate them very frequently (often several times a day) to ensure that any deviation in colour can be minimised as much as possible. This process helps ensure excellent colour accuracy and consistency even months apart.


How Much Does It Cost To Ship My Product Label Order?

Nothing, your shipping is free!

How Will I Know My Labels Have Been Shipped?

Once your Order has been packaged and a shipping label printed, our website is updated to reflect the current status of your Order (it changes from Processing to Shipped). You will be sent an email notification from Sprink when your Order has shipped, and you will also receive an email notification from the shipper. Furthermore, you can easily see the Order Status updated in the Orders List section in your account.

Do You Offer Split-Shipping Or Blind Shipping?

To maintain maximum efficiency and throughput, we do not offer split or blind shipping.

Business Terms

What Are Sprink's Invoice Terms?

That’s easy – we don’t have any. Our business model is 100% e-commerce – all label orders are placed through the online store and need a valid credit card to proceed. By operating this way, we’re able to keep our costs (and therefore prices) as low as possible.

NOTE: your credit card is never pre-authorised or charged until we’ve successfully completed the proofing process and you’ve given us explicit permission to print. We only capture the credit card details during the ordering process so we can verify that it is a valid card and can then streamline the transaction process once you’ve approved proofs.

How Much Does It Cost For Extra Colours On My Product Labels?

Nothing! Unlike traditional printing presses which use printing plates for each colour, our digital presses don’t use plates at all – so there’s no additional costs for extra colours.


What Kinds Of Proofs Do You Offer?

We offer three different kinds of label proofs, each of which has different uses depending on the circumstances:

1. PDF Proofs. All normal Production orders receive emailed PDF proofs by default (at no extra charge). We never go into production unless you’ve specifically approved the emailed proofs.
Important note: PDF proofs are for you to verify content only and should not be considered a reliable way to verify colours. Computer screens display colours differently than printers do, and even different models of printer can produce variations in colour.

2. Press Proofs. If you absolutely must see a physical proof of your order before we go into production, you can select that option during the ordering process (for an additional $2000 pesos, or $95 USD fee). Press Proofs are printed on the same press(es) that your order will be, so they are the most accurate representation of what your finished labels will look like.

3. Concept Proofs. If you’re in the beginning stages of a label design project and need to see how various colours or layouts will look in production, we offer Concept Proofs, where your designer can test various approaches before choosing the final design. Again, there is an additional $2000 peso, or $95 USD fee for us to print an agreed selection of your artwork files (including delivery to you). Concept Proofs do not need an order to be placed first – your Customer Service representative will need to work with you to make the necessary arrangements and get the artwork files from you.


Can I Use Your Labels On Food Products?

Yes! Our label materials and adhesives are approved for “incidental food contact” – which means they’re fine for application to most food packaging, but you shouldn’t apply them directly to the food itself.

Are Your Labels Suitable For Frozen Products (Such As Ice Cream Or Frozen Foods)?

Yes! Our high quality BOPP labels with Permanent adhesive are an excellent choice when applied to the product container at room temperature and allowed to “set” prior to being placed in a freezer.

It is important to understand that temperature (and moisture) are likely to affect initial adhesion.

However, it’s not a good idea to apply our labels to products that are already frozen (which can have ice and/or condensation on the surface that will adversely affect the adhesion) – make sure your containers are dry and clean before applying the labels, preferably allow 30 minutes for the adhesive to bond to the surface, and then freeze the product.

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