Estate #9 - Textured Paper (Cream)

All about sustainability? Shooting for a down-to-earth, homey feel? This label material is ideal for your product. This textured paper in cream gives way to beautiful print quality, dreamy graphics, and crisp text. 

What Is It?

Estate #9 is a textured paper that lends a very popular antique look to your custom products. Whether you’re dedicated to cutting down plastic use in your business or you love the small-batch look, Estate #9 is a top option for those searching for a cream-colored backdrop for their unique product label. This is a buff-colored option that is similar to Estate #8 in texture and finish. 

With straightforward design requirements and a light base color, these labels are easy to work with and fun to design. Keep in mind that, since this material is paper based, it may not be the right choice if you expect that your product will see long-term use or rough handling. For example, cleaning product labels may not be the best fit for Estate #9, since the chemicals and liquids can quickly break down paper and the products are likely to stay in use for many months. 


  • Subtle textured finish: For businesses searching for a product material that not only looks unique but also flaunts a unique texture, Estate #9 is ideal. The textured paper stands out naturally on the shelves and creates a lovely antique finish that will instantly set your product apart.
  • Sustainable: Many label materials rely on plastic, which can last for centuries to come in landfills. Many sustainable brands turn to paper labels in order to help the planet and protect the environment. Whether your product mission hinges upon sustainability or you’re simply looking for a way to do your part, paper labels can help you make a positive difference. 
  • Unique look: Without the telltale shine of a plastic label, it’s natural to quickly pick Estate #9 out of a crowd. This label combines the subtle texturing with a signature cream color that drives home the antique appearance. This material works exceptionally well at local markets and boutiques where shoppers long for small-batch, custom-made products. 

Best Uses

  • Wine: Create an instant classic with this antique-inspired label material. Wine shoppers rely heavily on labels in order to select their next purchase, and Estate #9 can help your product stand out as a classy and genuine find. 
  • Beer: Craft beer products are more popular than ever, and every consumer loves to feel that they’ve discovered a unique, small-batch brew. Use Estate #9 to highlight the qualities that make your beer special. 
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