Product Label Clear Space

Clear Space

Clear Space is easily defined. If an image or text is too close to the finished edge of your label, it may inadvertently be trimmed off during the die-cutting process. To ensure that this does not happen, you need to be sure that there is at least 1.5mm of space between the die line and any image or text that should not be cut off.

Example 1

It is pretty clear to see that the artwork on the left does not have sufficient clear space. With a finished label size of 30mm x 40mm, the clear zone is 1.5mm smaller on all sides or 3mm overall, giving a total size of 27mm x 37mm.

**Make sure you know the corner radius (rounded corner) of your finished label as you need to account for this in your artwork.**


Example 2

It is very important with ovals, circles, and other special shapes that your artwork has sufficient clear space. In fact, if at all possible, it is best to create artwork with more than the requisite 1/5mm clear space for oval and circular labels.

The finished size in this example should be a 38mm x 66mm oval. So, for adequate clear space, your art should fit within a 35mm x 63mm oval.


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